Top 5 Digital Photography Tips For Taking Sell-Able Photos

There are many things that photographers should know if they plan to try to sell their digital photos, but here are my own top 5 digital photography tips for taking sell-able photos.1. Don’t assume that your digital camera will do all the work. Many beginner photographers use the “automatic setting” for each shot, assuming that the camera will adjust to the best setting on its own. KNOW YOUR CAMERA WELL and read up on what the settings mean so that you can make necessary adjustments according to each situation.2. Buy yourself a Tri-pod and never leave home without it! A tri-pod is one of a photographer’s must-haves, as it make a sharper shot by far, especially if you are working with low lighting or motion of any sorts.3. Be a photo-holic. Only your best photos should be marketed in your portfolio, so click away! The beauty of digital photography is it costs you NOTHING to be creative and snap away!4. Move around! Get a unique photo by getting down low or up high, creating a different view of the “same old photo” that everyone seems to be taking.5. If doing close-ups, keep a simple background. The beauty of a close-up is that it allows the eye to focus on something specific. Keep the background as simple and plain as possible in order to accentuate the item you are photographing.Keep in mind these top digital photography tips for taking sell-able photos and you will see a marked improvement in the quality of your photos.

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